How Videofied Motion Viewers Saved the Day!

Submitted by ESA member Electronic Sales Company

Our customer is in the construction, demolition, concrete waste recycling business. They had been having a lot of break-ins through their chain linked fence. The thieves were stealing items such as copper, tools, metals and other materials.

To prevent the losses, Electronic Sales Company was called to survey their needs. We decided that the Honeywell Videofied Motion Viewers solution would be most appropriate. Because of our security video signs and Electronic Sales Company work trucks on the property for a lengthy time during the installation, the break-ins stopped and have continued to be deterred.

One of the motion viewers was installed on a pole next to a very large electrical transformer. Electronic Sales Company completed the installation on Friday and the facility closed for the weekend.

At approximately 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning, one of the motion viewers caught a spark from the utility pole. About 3 minutes later – after the motion viewer reset – the spark had developed into a flame, eventually engulfing the entire pole, electrical wiring, etc.

When our operator saw the first spark, she dispatched the fire department. The fire department arrived at the facility, cut through the gate and extinguished it while the fire was in its infancy. 

The fire department also dispatched the utility company who turned the power off and performed the necessary reconstruction. By 7:00 a.m., everything had been restored back to normal allowing the facility to open at 7:30 a.m. and operate their business as normal.

The manager contacted Electronic Sales Company. He was elated at the service that Videofied had provided preventing total devastation. If the fire had reached the transformer, the losses would have been in the $300,000 - $400,000 range as reported by the manager. 

Videofied Motion Viewers allowed the operator to detect there was a fire versus an intruder. Using a conventional alarm system, the police would have been dispatched, stopped at the gate, and seeing no intruder, would probably not have known about the fire until the facility was engulfed. Also, with the fire being at the back of the property, the fire department would probably have had a hard time locating the fire had the operator not been able to tell them where the fire was located.

Because of the Videofied Motion Viewers and the quick and attentive operator as well as a quick response by the fire department and the police department, no production time was lost nor any facility damage or danger to the employees was experienced.   

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