Three Ways to Use Video Surveillance in Faith-Based Facilities

Video surveillance systems for a faith-based organization can detect and deter criminal activity and shed light on risk vulnerabilities. We already know that video surveillance set up by a qualified security professional is an important piece to an overall security plan. Unfortunately, faith-based facilities are often targets of vandalism or worse. In the world of non-profits, it’s important to get a user-friendly system that offers a great value while doing more than just the basics. And with the continuous advances in electronic security technology, we wouldn’t expect anything less, right? Check out these tips to leverage video surveillance systems to offer value-added benefits for any congregation.

  1. Childcare Viewing: Advances in technology and the Internet of Things have made significant strides in providing peace of mind to it users. Video surveillance systems can be used to check in on daycare and infant programs while parents are participating in other church functions. For example, mom and dad can login to a portal via their smart phone to check in on little Timmy asleep in the childcare room without ever leaving the main worship service. This simple integration allows parents to engage in adult activities with the peace of mind that comes with being able to see their children in another wing of the facility.
  2. Startle & Capture: Video surveillance detection can be enhanced with the strategic implementation of lighting sensors. Contact an Electronic Security Association (ESA) member company to add a light and sensor within a specified range of the camera to increase your chances of identifying an unauthorized intruder. When an intrusion is detected on the camera, the light will immediately turn on causing the intruder to startle and look to where the light is coming from, resulting in their face being caught on camera.
  3. Record and Rebroadcast: Various video surveillance systems have the option to produce live-streams of current activities, launch recording once movement has been detected, or continuously record for archival purposes. Faith-based facilities can take this a step further and create live broadcasts or pre-recorded services for on-demand viewing. This method is ideal for congregation members who were unable to attend as well as “game-day” tape style viewing for pastors, ministers, clergy, choirs, the list goes on to study and critique their presentations.

Much like traditional non-profits, faith-based organizations are intimately familiar with doing a lot with a little, and the security climate in their facility is no different. Whether you are upgrading a current security system or implementing an all-new solution, choose a system that does it all. A customized, professionally installed product can be a deterrent and provide valuable information through detection if something is awry. ESA connects qualified member companies that possess the skills to design a multi-purpose security system with those seeking to enhance the security in and around their facility. Get started with a local ESA member company by visiting and entering your zip code.

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