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Learn How Your Security System Can Help Law Enforcement More Efficiently Identify and Apprehend Criminals

If you have video surveillance as a part of your security system, you can join ranks with law enforcement to help them more efficiently identify and apprehend suspects. Many local law enforcement departments have video surveillance registration programs where residents and businesses can voluntarily enter their video surveillance systems into a database so police can easily identify cameras that may have captured footage from a crime. Read More


Talk To Your Kids About Security 

School has ramped back up across the nation and now is a great time to talk to your kids about home safety. Whether it’s knowing how to operate your home’s security system or knowing who to call for help when needed, it’s crucial for kids to know these basic facts to help make them and their homes safer. Discussions about safety and security could seem scary to children, but with a little preparation, and these tips from the Electronic Security Association (ESA), you can approach the subject with your little ones and allay any fears they might have. Read more.

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