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Spring is Just Around the Corner and it’s a Good Time to Evaluate Your Home Security System 

Spring is in the air – and there is no better time to evaluate your home security system and make sure it is meeting the current needs of your family.

Your lifestyle and your household can change over the course of a year, and so can your home security needs. The change could be as simple as a new family pet or something much more, such as a new baby, a major home renovation or an elderly family member joining the household. Read more.

Advances in Smart Home Security Technology Can Help Homeowners Thwart Criminal Activity

Nearly 25 percent of Americans reported being afraid of or very afraid of crime ranging from break-ins (27.6 percent) and property theft (25.5 percent) to becoming a victim of violent crime (19.4 percent), according to the annual Chapman University Survey of American Fears released in October of 2016. The percentage of Americans reporting being afraid of or very afraid of these types of crimes has increased from 2015. Read more

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