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Security Tech on College Campuses: 

Students Aren’t the Only Thing Getting Smarter  

  Since 2013, there have been 185 school shootings, 83 of which took place on a college or university campus. Security directors, school officials, and students are rising up against the pattern of safety and security risks to stop the ‘normalization’ of campus security threats. To do this, they are turning to security technology.  There is a three-pronged method commonly used in securing a college campus: mass communication, access control, and video surveillance.  
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Safety and Security of Travel

Protect Yourself from Fanny Packs and 1.5 Star Hotels


When you hear the word ‘vacation,’ what do you immediately picture? Do you imagine exploring the Mayan ruins of Campeche? Perusing the cobblestone streets of Vatican City? Or perhaps the cerulean blue ocean of Placencia is more your style?  Safety and security of what you leave behind when you travel is just as important as keeping yourself safe in unfamiliar areas. Members of the Electronic Security Association are security professionals with the technology and know-how to alert you or the police if there is a problem at your home or business during your well-earned time away. Read more. 


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